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The GP was so helpful, he answered all my questions and I never felt rushed. Everything I needed was done then and there in one visit. Martin S.


re: Weight Management Services

Dear Jo and colleagues,
We both felt we would like to put in writing how much we feel the support you are all giving us has helped in our desire change our lifestyle and, therefore, consequently lose weight.  The one to one sessions at home have certainly motivated us greatly.  This change is lifestyle is benefiting us with other health issues i.e. diabetes, hypertension etc.
The other group sessions have not only been informative and enjoyable but we now also realise, from all the nice people we have met, that there are a multitude of problems that cause weight to be a problem.
Thanks again to you all, keep up the good work.


...I was given an appointment at a time that suited me.... Joyce D.

Intensive Diabetes Management Program

Intensive Diabetes Management Program
Use diabetes as an avenue to revamp your health for the better. Our registered dietitians at the Intensive Diabetes Management Program will walk through with you through this important phase of your life.

Duration: 12 months

• Structured Education
• Detailed Nutrition and Risk Assessment
• Analysis of blood parameters, drugs, dietary and activity patterns
• Personalized Nutrition Support (In person/Skype)
• Personal Platform to log your information online
• Individualized nutrition and activity goals with practical evidence based suggestions – modified on progression (In person/emails)
• Group Walks
• Supermarket visits to understand putting theory to practice

Who can benefit?
At risk, Pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes

Diet and Exercise are influenced by a lot of factors, and it can be daunting once the metabolism plays up! This program will help you take control of your blood sugars and will give you extra perks in form of weight loss, improved blood profile and reduction in cardiac risk.

Let us be a part of your journey to better health.

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